Please Call Key Helps Nice People Return Your Lost Keys

It’s not uncommon to lose your keys.  Sometimes, you drop them while reaching for bills in your pocket.  Other times, you get too drunk and don’t notice stuff falling out of your pants.  On occasion, you’d set them down on a public bathroom sink and forget about them until you’re at the front door, unable to enter your house.  While the Please Call Key won’t keep those things from happening again, it might give you a shot at getting an erstwhile lost set of keys back.

Made by Noah Lambert, it’s a customized key with your phone number engraved on the shank.  The head comes with an engraving that spells out “IF FOUND, PLEASE CALL,” giving nice people a chance to help out a drunk dude who dropped his entire key fob while jumping up and down completely out of rhythm to Anaconda at the club.  Yeah, that song is your jam.

The Please Call Key is precision cut from type 260 brass, with a round head and, well, not much else.  It’s, basically, a regular key, except with your phone number engraved at a depth of .005 inch on it.  Dimensions are 2.3 x 0.95 x 0.9 inches, with a natural tumbled finish that’s supposed to darken with use.  Oh, if you’re shy about meeting ladies in a bar, this could totally make for a nice ice breaker: just leave your keys near their table, wait for them to see it, pray they make the call, and, boom, you’re in.  And just in case they don’t bother calling, make sure to bring extra keys so you can still come home (or maybe get a smart lock instead).

Available directly from Noah Lambert’s website, the Please Call Key retails for $30 apiece.

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