Pliqo Is A Folding Garment Bag That Compacts Into A Laptop-Sized Pack


Garment bags are great, allowing you to carry a business suit while you’re still in transit. Problem is, the darn things are large, making them too awkward to have around when you’re flying commercial, taking the train, or commuting on a motorcycle. The Pliqo Bag offers a much more compact alternative.

A folding garment bag, the rig can pack down into the size of a small laptop bag, allowing you to carry it like an ultra-slim briefcase. That means, you never have to wear a suit during travels and commutes, all without leaving it with a frustrating amount of creases and folds.


When unfolded, the Pliqo looks like a half-open garment bag, a design that helps the whole thing become ultra-thin once it’s packed down. Inside, it comes with a dedicated area to hold a pair of pants sideways and a suit crossed on top of it, with both neatly nestled into their own hangers. Yes, the bag comes with a pair of hangers that’s custom-sized for its profile – one for the suit and another for the trousers. To ensure the clothes don’t end up moving around inside the bag, both are strapped down securely to the interior, while a lateral compression strap outside further ensures stable handling.


For non-garment storage, the bag also gets an organizer pocket, an internal slip pocket, two recessed internal pockets, and a full-width external pocket. Features include a flap for attaching to a trolley, a grab handle, and a detachable shoulder strap.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Pliqo. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £120.

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