Plug Hub Cleans Up The Wire Mess Under Your Desk

Using retracting USB hubs, wireless accessories and Cablox wire organizers, you’ve managed to wrangle the mess of cords in your desk.  What seems to have remained are the even worse cacophony of entanglement brought about by endless lengths of electric cords on your floor.  Maybe the Plug Hub can help.

Described as an “under-desk cord management station,” it’s a cabinet-type rig that will hide both your cords and power strip.   Set it on the side of the wall and you won’t have to feel protruding lines of noodles every time you put down your bare feet.

The Plug Hub measures 3.5 x 10.5 x 9 inches, with an exposed base where you can line up your power strip.  Three holes on the top and bottom of the cabinet allow you to slip in your cords, which you can wind onto one of the three anchors installed inside (oh yeah, open the door first unless you have telekinesis).  Don’t worry, you’re not restricted to three plugs.  Both the holes and the anchors can accommodate  multiple electrical cords, so you can load an entire six-outlet (probably even more) power strip on there.

The standard way to use the hub is to stand it by the base (it has a rubber bottom) and  push it up against a wall.  In case your space doesn’t permit that, you can also lay it by its back or even mount it up a wall (or on the side of your desk).

Everyone deserves a neat work area.  Yes, even under the table.  The Plug Hub could get you there.  It’s available now, priced at $24.99.