Plug Mug Solves A Major Office Pet Peeve


If you’re like me, you hate strolling down the office pantry for a cup of hot coffee only to find that some clown just used your mug.  Instead of sitting clean on the cupboard as you left it yesterday, you cringe at finding it standing among the pile of dirty wares on the kitchen sink.  Sick of them insolent coworkers who think unauthorized use of your coffee mug is part of their on-the-job privileges?

Fight back with the Plug Mug, the pissed-off office worker’s best retaliation against contemptuous individuals who make a habit of using other people’s kitchen wares.  If the big STOP and WARNING signs don’t deter them from using your clean mug for their own morning fix, they’ll pay the price – guaranteed.

Sporting a hole near the lower end of its body, you’ll need to use the accompanying plug to make the Plug Mug usable.  Otherwise, it will leak whatever is poured into it, whether it’s cold water, sugary juice or steaming hot coffee.  Made of ceramic, it sports standard dimensions of 4 x 3 inches, height and diameter, respectively.

Anytime you leave the mug in the office, simply pull the plug and take it with you, effectively rendering it useless to borrowers who couldn’t be arsed to bring their own damn cups.  Watch the asshat that unwittingly decides to use one without permission spill their drinks everywhere, including their own clothes.

If you’re tired of having to clean up after other people’s unsavory office predilections, you can score a Plug Mug now for only £9.99.  The design may look tacky as hell, but it works like a charm.

[Spinning Hat]