Plume Is A Better Mudguard For Bicycles

Existing bicycle mudguards work well enough.  Well, aside from the fact that they’re usually ugly.  And that a lot of them aren’t very durable.  And that they’re really easy to steal.  The Plume is looking to change that.

Billed as a “better mudguard,” it brings a streamlined design that makes it a better fit with the look of most bicycles in the market.  It’s slim, compact and unobtrusive, making for a mudguard that hardly makes a dent in your bike’s appearance.

More than looks, though, the Plume brings a better mudguard with its unique set of talents.  For one, it can recoil and deploy at the push of a button, so you can have it protecting your clothing from splotches of dirty water while crossing a wet road and immediately have it roll up into a bundle once you’re riding on dry streets.  Even better, you can access this button while on the move — just reach behind you while continuing to pedal, tap on it, and you’re good.

Worried about the thing breaking during regular use?  Don’t be, as it’s constructed using stainless steel and a flexible polymer material that’s been tested to stand up to nasty conditions.  Sick of your mudguards being stolen every time you leave your Kilo Bike unattended?  Not a problem, either, as it’s been designed to be theft-resistant, with the stainless steel spine locking around the bike’s seat post.

Want one?  The Plume Mudguard is currently a Kickstarter project.  You can reserve yourself a unit with pledges starting at $35.

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