Plus-Plus Is A Construction Toy That Uses Just One Shape Of Tile


We love LEGO and all the complex models you can build with their awesome tile pieces, from castles and supercars to robots and heavy machinery. The fact that they use different shapes and sizes of tiles, though, means using them can get a bit complicated for younger kids. Plus-Plus offers a simpler construction toy.

Unlike LEGO and its ilk, the toy uses just a single shape of tile, ensuring every piece in the set has a perfectly identical profile. That means, they all snap together in the exact same way, making it easier for younger kids to both plan and assemble their construction toy models.


The Plus-Plus takes its name from the shape of the construction tile, which looks like a pair of plus symbols put together side by side. Connecting them involves lining up one of the protruding sections of a tile with the gap between the plus symbols in another tile, which are both sized to fit flush into each other. The only difference between the tiles lie in the colors, allowing you to achieve the necessary contrasts to make various items stand out from the models you build. Because of the simple design, the tile offers endless construction possibilities, allowing you to fashion them into all sorts of models. You can, for instance, build 2D models when you connect the pieces flat, all while allowing you to construct 3D models by snapping them perpendicular to each other to create an angled shape.

Even better, when building 3D models, the pieces don’t have to align at a perfect right angle. That means, you can build a sloping pyramid, a curved sail for a pirate ship, and a whole host of other complex shapes, making this an interesting construction toy even for older kids. Heck, we have a feeling adults can go crazy with the amount of things they can build, since all you need is a little imagination to fashion some really nice objects using this set.


Aside from the single tile shape, Plus-Plus also makes a baseplate, which you can use as a platform to build 3D models with a perfectly flat base. Use it to build towers, skyscrapers, and similarly tall structures that will require a flat platform, as well as multi-object scenes like a park (put a bench and a statue on there), a garden (put multiple plants on there), or a bedroom (put a bed, a nightstand, and a coat rack somewhere). It measures 4.5 x 4.5 inches, with the entire surface covered in a grid of holes sized to fit the construction tiles.


The toy is available in a variety of sets with different amounts of tiles, each of which are grouped according to the kind of colors they contain. They also sell kits that come with instructions for building complex stuff like a dragon, a pirate ship, or a princess castle. They have plenty of videos on their YouTube channel, by the way, showing how to build a number of stuff, so you can check that out if you’re looking for help in getting started with the more complex stuff.

The Plus-Plus is available now.

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