+Winter Turns The Heated Insole Into A Motion-Tracking, App-Controlled Device


Does the world need smarter heated insoles? Probably not. Despite that, we’re getting them anyway with the +Winter, which turns the humble heated insole into a motion-tracking, app-controlled rig.

That’s right, they injected the heated insole with a little more tech than usual, giving it more advanced function than what you traditionally find in the winter accessory. And, no, they’re not entirely life-changing functions, but they do sound like nice things to have all the same.


For instance, the +Winter’s onboard accelerometer allows it to identify as soon as you start walking, immediately switching on the heating function without needing to fiddle with a remote, as well as switching off once you’re in repose for exactly five minutes. It also comes with an accompanying app (iOS and Android) where you can adjust the temperature, with the built-in battery allowing it to keep your feet warm for up to five hours on a single charge. They also throw in wireless charging, so you can just lay it down on the accompanying charging pod to replenish the power.


Measuring 2mm at the thinnest point and 6mm at the thickest, the insoles should be thin enough to fit inside most types of shoes, whether you’re wearing hiking boots, snowboarding boots, and even SIDI cycling shoes. It’s waterproof, by the way, so no worries about damaging the electronics from splashes or sweat, with ergonomics that, creator +T claims, will keep you perfectly comfortable.

Want one? The +Winter is available directly from the +T website, priced at €139.

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