Pocket Artillery Cannon Shoots Airsoft Pellets For More Painful Cubicle Warfare

Tired of shooting nerf darts in the office?  Spice up cubicle warfare with pre-missile weaponry in the form of the Pocket Artillery Cannon, a desktop toy that can shoot stinging airsoft pellets at your enemies in the workplace.

Disguised to look like a harmless desktop display, the miniature weapon comes in a tubby shape that’s reminiscent of the kind of cannons they use in old cartoons.   Line ten of these up on your cubicle rails and watch the natives exclaim at the cuteness they witness before them.  Then, when their backs are turned, fire at will.

The Pocket Artillery Cannon is a toy cannon made entirely from metal parts (stainless steel and brass hardware, with an anodized aluminum base).  The barrel can be adjusted to tilt between 0 to 45 degrees, with a thumb screw holding it steady once you find the perfect angle to hit the albino from accounting right at the giant on his left cheek.   It uses 0.177 standard BB’s as ammo, which it can fling up to 100 yards using a tiny fuse.

Each part is CNC-machined and hand-finished, resulting in a gorgeous piece of non-lethal weaponry that’s going to sting like hell.  Or prick a little, depending on where your opponents take the hit.  Note: If you hit the zit on the albino accountant and it explodes, angels will descend from heaven and sing your praise (no, really).

Currently available for pre-order, the Pocket Artillery Cannon will come in five colorways.  It’s slated to ship before Christmas, priced at $29.  Oh, and they accept bitcoin for those of you into that internet currency thingie.

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