Pocket Cup Is A Flat-Storing Reusable Cup

You are not a big fan of plastic cups for the non-biodegradable waste, but you also hate paper cups because they’re flimsy as heck.  And you also despise carrying a reusable KeepCup around because the thing is just so darn bulky.  What to do?  How about these Pocket Cups?

Made by Connect Design, it’s a reusable silicone cup clad in the adorable likeness of a leaf.  It’s a little too cute, in fact, you’d probably sooner mistake it for a coin purse, a colorful decorative item or some other non-utilitarian accessory.  Hey, if you’re going to carry a cup around, it might as well be cute, right?

The Pocket Cup is a flat-packing cup measuring 8.5 x 12.5 cm, making it easy to squeeze into a pants pocket for hassle-free portability.  When you need to drink some agua (or beer or whatever), just pull the cup out and fill it up with water from the dispenser (or the fountain or the tap) through the mouth.  Done — all the thirst-quenching you need with no throwaway cups to add to the landfill.

Each cup can only hold as much as 0.6 liters of liquids, so it’s not exactly ideal if you want to walk around carrying a drink.  For a quick fix while at the water fountain or right next to the beer keg, though, there’s probably no better option.  It comes in red, yellow and green colors.

Want one?  We’re not sure how you can get it in your town, but the Pocket Cup is available from Connect Design Korea, priced at around $12 each.

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