Pocket Memory Card Holder Is A Swiss Army Knife For Storing Your SD Cards


Yes, you can use the card slots on your wallet to bring your stash of SD cards on the go, but wouldn’t you rather have a dedicated tool for housing your treasure trove of digital data. That’s exactly what this Pocket Memory Card Holder brings to your everyday carry.

Based on an original CAD model by Dranoweb on Thingiverse, this thing gives you a dedicated storage tool for those easily-misplaced memory cards. No more stashing SD cards inside random pouches on your bags and clothing – this thing lets you keep them organized all in one place.


The Pocket Memory Card Holder comes with fold-out compartments that allow to deploy like classic Swiss Army Knives. It comes with individual compartments for up to eight microSD cards, four SD cards, two Sony Memory Stick Duo cards, and even a single USB flash drive, with bundled spacers for accommodating larger dongles. Do note, the original from Dranoweb doesn’t have the facility for housing the thumb drive, so if you decide to just fabricate your own, you’re going to have to incorporate that into your CAD model.


If you’re ordering the card holder online, you can opt to choose from a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, ASA, nylon, and woodfill. You can also customize the inscription on the handle to your choice of marking.

Available now, pricing for the Pocket Memory Card Holder starts at $20.

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