Pocket Mirror Slips In Your Wallet, Bends When You Sit

You look good with the right hair.   Problem is, your neatly combed crop gets out of place within five minutes of stepping outdoors.   A comb and a mirror will serve you well on the road, except you’re not metro enough to carry a purse.   What to do?  Pair a small pocket comb with the wallet-friendly Pocket Mirror and look your spanking best all the time.

Devised by Pavel Sidorenko, the palm-sized reflector is small enough to fit in a wallet’s credit card slot.  That way, you can check your hair as simply as you can whip out your ATM card.  Imagine: no more sidling up to a parked car’s side mirror and making people think you’re gonna jack it.  You do look like a no-good hoodlum, so…

The Pocket Mirror is a light bulb-shaped reflector that you can use just like any regular mirror.  Light and slim, it adds no uncomfortable bulge or weight.  It’s made from plastic too, so it’s completely flexible (it will bend when you sit) and won’t shatter when you drop it.

Because it’s a perfectly functional mirror, you can use it exactly like one.  Aside from mugging it to fix your hair, you can use it to blind enemies by reflecting the sun during gunfights, send Morse code towards rescue boats when you’re marooned on a deserted island and  check how much hair you have growing in your posterior region.  Yes, especially the last part.  Just not in public.

You can get one for €4.00.

[Pavel Sidorenko via BLTD]