Pocket Retro Game Emulator

pocket_retro_game_emulatorYou know you are showing your age when you spend Christmas day trying to explain to the young ones in your family that really there was once a portable console that wasn’t in perfect color. Explaining the concept of a little black pixelated looking Mario running around on a green screen does little more than confuse the generation that is growing up in the DS and PSP portable gaming era. And you show your age even more when you begin to fight the corner of the original NES! You know what I mean. Someone starts going on about the new Wii version of Mario and you find yourself sitting there telling them all how nothing will ever beat the NES Mario Land. Would you like a pipe and slippers to go with that opinion?

Here is a video of retro pocket gamer in action. (Buy Link is at the bottom of the post).

But for retro game fanatics, you’re not alone! In fact, so much so that you can now buy a portable games device called the Retro Game Emulator. This handheld console plugs into your USB and enables you to load games from the NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Geneis and NEoGeo onto the console to play at your leisure. A quick Google search will under ‘Nes Roms’ for example, will return the games you’re looking for, I’m sure! It has 4gb of built in memory and a Mini SD card slot if you wish to expand upon this. Let’s bear in mind though, that the old 8 and 16bit games are quite so harsh on the memory usage as the newer ones!

This is a quirky idea really and is sure to find popularity with the retro gaming geeks amongst us. It’s price is good too at just $99.99. And that’s not to mention that there is a voice recorder and an FM radio built into the console. One worth having, if not for yourself, then for one of those older people who keep reminiscing about the birth of Mario!