Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife Arms You Like A Modern Feudal Warrior


Yes, carrying a samurai sword around town is pretty cool. Problem is, we doubt you’ll get more than a few blocks without getting randomly stopped by a cop. We’re guessing you’ll have better luck walking around with the Pocket Samurai, instead.

Made by Stat Gear, it’s a keychain folder clad in the likeness of a samurai sword, so you can arm yourself like a badass warrior straight out of feudal Japan. Except, you know, you’re carrying a way smaller blade with just enough edge to slash through letters, packages, and whatever sandwich you brown-bagged for lunch.


The Pocket Samurai consists of a 2-inch tanto blade and a 2.7-inch handle, so it should fold into a tiny bundle for conveniently hooking into a key ring. That blade is cut in rust-proof 440C stainless steel that’s been sharpened to a serious edge, so it should slice through everything in its path, while the handle cut in grade 5 titanium to deliver lightweight strength. A stainless steel thumb stud lets you easily deploy the blade with one hand, with a liner lock mechanism ensuring everything holds in place whether the knife is open or close.


Features include a loop at the end of the handle for easily hooking on a key ring and a stainless steel clip for securing the knife at the edge of your pocket. And, yes, that same clip allows you to use it as a functional money clip.


Available now, the Pocket Samurai is priced at $40

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