Pocket Shot Hammer Handle Gives The Circular Slingshot A More Traditional Grip


We’re huge fans of the Pocket Shot’s excellent combination of compact size and shooting power. If you want maximum stability, however, the traditional slingshot grip should still offer the most ideal posture. That’s exactly what you get with the Pocket Shot Hammer Handle.

A custom-designed grip, it lets you use the circular slingshot like more traditional versions of the hunting weapon. No need to secure the rim using a thumb and a finger – you can shoot your slingshot using the same familiar grip as traditional forked versions.


The Pocket Shot Hammer Handle has a round compartment on top that’s sized to accommodate one of those circular slingshots, with a wrist brace on the bottom to secure it on your arm. An angled and contoured handle will ensure an efficient and comfortable grip, while a rail mount attachment ensures you can integrate it with other gear. According to the outfit, using the handle should help steady your aim a whole lot better, ensuring more accurate shots, making it ideal during hunting and similar situations where you would want to make every shot count.

During use, the Pocket Shot will still work the same way as it does that without the accessory, so you can use it with small stones, steel balls, and arrows. You can buy the handle as a separate accessory or as part of a full kit.

Available now, the Pocket Shot Hammer Handle is priced at $45.

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