Pocket Speaker Turns You Into Human Noise Pollution


Want portable music, but don’t like earphones, for some reason?  Arm your shirt pocket with a speaker and get your favorite music blaring right from under your face.

ABC Corp Japan’s Pocket Speaker will gladly step up to the task, offering to surround your immediate environment with music, without having to don a pair of cans.  Just like pocket protectors did for nerds many years ago, they want to line the shirts of the new generation of music geeks, particularly those obnoxious enough to have blaring music without regard for anyone around them.

The Pocket Speakers sport 80 × 34 × 32 mm dimensions and are sized just so the speaker head peeks right out of the shirt pouch when kept standing.  It weighs a light 50 grams, so it won’t be ripping the pockets off from even the cheapest shirts you’ve got on your closet.  It should work with any type of music player, provided they sport 3.5 mm headphone jacks.  Quality and volume, however, may be suspect, with the device only packing dual 0.5-watt channels.

If you’ve ever wanted to enter a room with your own theme song playing (hey, all the superheroes and cool action movie stars do it), I doubt there’s anything better to announce your arrival.  Looking for a way to spice up your office presentations?  Forget fiddling with Powerpoint, wear a Pocket Protector and have the Rocky theme song playing while you’re up front.  That should grab everyone’s attention.

Available in various bright and sprightly colors, the Pocket Speaker can be bought in Japan for the equivalent of $22.

[ABC Corp via Gizmodo]