Pocket Square Digital Camera Takes Square-Format Images And Super 8-Style Movies

Sure, you’ve got dozens of cameras already.  Who says you can’t use one more, though?  Grow your novelty camera collection  with the Pocket Square Digital Camera, a minuscule shooter that captures square-format photos.

Snapping the “dreamiest square 6 x 6 photos and videos,” the rare Japanese import lets you capture your favorite subjects in a whole new way.  That is, in a square window instead of a rectangular one.  And without having to crop the image in Photoshop!!!

The Pocket Square measures a super-compact 2 x 1 x 0.75 inches, allowing it to hang on a key fob, slip into a small pocket or hide under your fat folds (hey, no need to be ashamed — it’s the holidays).  Crammed on the plastic body are a USB-charged built-in rechargeable battery (good for 250 shots at a time), a slot for a microSD card (up to 2GB only, though), a tiny display (shows current shooting mode and photo count) and a fixed focus f/3.1 39.5mm wide lens.

It can take 1,280 x 1,200 resolution JPEGs with three filters for vintage analog effects (vivid, noise and monochrome).  There’s also a video mode (Super 8-style 8fps AVI movies) and a macro mode (up to 5-inches away from the subject), making for a pretty versatile box that’s only slightly bigger than your lip gloss.

So if you like taking photographs and you enjoy minuscule gadgets, however, you probably want the Pocket Square Digital Camera.  Photojojo has it for a square $100.