Wipebook’s Newest Reusable Notebook Fits In Your Shirt Pocket


We’re big fans of Wipebook and their clever reusable notebooks, which allows you to use the same set of pages for different things over and over. If you’re someone who regularly carries a small notebook in your pocket and has always wanted to enjoy the same reusable function, you will soon get your chance with the Pocket Wipebook Pro.

Designed as an alternative for Moleskines and other fancy pocket notebooks, the notepad takes on a compact size that should easily fit on your shirt’s chest pocket, your pants’ back pocket, and most any pocket on your clothing. That means, you can now carry the exact same notebook day in and day out, provided you’re willing to erase some pages now and again.


The Pocket Wipebook Pro measures just 3 x 6 inches (width x height), giving it a profile similar to reporter’s notepads. As with their other notebooks, it has pages covered with a hypergloss film that makes it possible to easily erase ink from the surface, allowing you to write with the ease of a pen without the permanence of one. That way, you don’t have to keep buying new notebooks (or refill pages) every time you run out of space – just wipe the existing notes down and it’s blank all over again.

Each notebook comes with just 20 pages, by the way, since each leaf is a little thicker than your traditional notepad. We know, that doesn’t sound much, but the fact that you can reuse pages at will means you can erase old brainstorming notes and mindless doodles immediately. Half of those pages come ruled with standard notebook lines, while the other 10 come with graph markings (each leaf has a ruled page on one side and a graph on the other), so you can use the same notebook for different needs.


The Pocket Wipebook Pro has faux-leather front and back covers, giving it a more refined aesthetic than your average notebook. Seriously, if you’re looking for a notebook that you can pull out to make you look dignified and professional during a meeting, this stylish little notepad will help you pull that off in spades. We’re particularly fond of the pen slot on the side that lets you keep a writing instrument right next to your notebook, so whether you slip them in a pocket, stash them in a bag pouch, or hide them in a desk drawer, the two will always be right in the same place.


As with their other notebooks, it’s compatible with any type of non-permanent market – basically, anything that works on a whiteboard will work here, too. The outfit, however, recommends using Staedtler’s Lumocolor marker because its ink doesn’t smudge on the notebook’s film layer, all while being just as easy to erase as any regular whiteboard marker. It comes with an eraser integrated in the end plug, too, so no need to look for anything else to wipe the page clean.

Slated to come out later this year, the Pocket Wipebook Pro is priced at $24.99.

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