Pocketweez Is A Folding Fathead Tweezer

Even the flimsiest tweezers are functional enough that you can do most basic hair and splinter removal using them.  For stubborn ingrown hair, deeply-lodged splinters and other tough plucking duties, though, the Pocketweez will probably make everything easier.

Made by Precision Metalsmiths, it’s a pair of really, really good tweezers.  Sharp, tough and armed with a stiff grip, it will not just pluck out unwanted whiskers and large splinters like every $2 tweezer in the grocery, you can put it to use for heavy tweezing duties.

The Pocketweez is a portable folding tweezer that measures 2.5 x .0.5 inches when closed (it has a swiveling mechanism between the handle and the arms), making it easy to slip into your pocket for easy transport.  Why the need to fold?  According to the company, the tweezer ends are extra sharp (like medical tweezers) and are likely to poke through your inner pockets (and, if you twist wrong, spike you around sensitive areas, yikes) — folding into the case frame eliminates that without the hassle of a cap that you might end up misplacing.

It’s made from heat-treated stainless steel and can be sterilized with the usual methods (flame, alcohol, boiling water, dipping into an active volcano).  The ends aren’t just sharp, they’re wide but precise (fatheads), too, making for an easier time when removing slivers of wood or glass.

If you do plenty of gardening, wood work or similar tasks, you’ll eventually need tweezers.  And the Pocketweez could very well be the best one for the job. It’s available now, priced at $25.