Poco Pro, A Digicam Only Slightly Larger Than A Credit Card

While it’s not exactly “the same size as a credit card” as its creators claim, the Poco Pro does push it very close.  If not for a body that’s a couple of cards thick, you can probably slip it in a card pocket on your wallet.

Created by Iain Sinclair, the undersized digicam is being billed as “the world’s thinnest, full 1080P high definition pocket video camcorder” and “the world’s smallest 14-megapixel compact digital still camera.”  Not only that, the product page lists a whole plethora of features that will make you wonder whether they can really engineer this thing in a factory (as opposed to just a CAD software).  We’re hopeful, but not overly optimistic.

Aside from shooting 14-megapixel stills and capturing 1080p video, the ambitious Poco Pro will also pack a 2.4-inch AMOLED screen in the back, flanked by touch-sensitive buttons along the top and right edges.  The feature list make it sound like quite the elaborate piece of hardware: a mechanical shutter, variable aperture, two LED flashes, a built-in speaker and 3.5mm jack (yes, it doubles as an MP3 player), 4GB internal flash drive, microSD card support, a 615mAh battery and Arcsoft software running the action.

We wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical.  After all, that feature set on a super-thin, card-like camera with magnesium housing sounds like a geek pipe dream than something feasible.

If the Poco Pro is real, you will get one.  It doesn’t matter how many cameras you already have — the thing sounds awesome.  According to the Iain Sinclair website, they’re readying it up for a June 2011 release, with a projected price of $300.