You Can Link These POD Tents With Interconnecting Tunnels


Do we really need interconnected tents when you can simply leave your tent and walk over to someone else’s? Probably not. Does a half dozen tents look more awesome when they’re bridged together like a single structure? Absolutely. That’s exactly what makes these POD Tents different than your usual camping shelter.

Made by M2C Innovation, the tent features doors that can be connected by tunnels, allowing you to hop from tent to tent without having to step outside. I know, nobody goes out camping because they want to stay inside, but it can be useful in certain situations, such as when you want to quickly check on the kids, when it’s raining, or when you’re trying to avoid running into that girl you awkwardly hit on last night sitting right outside your tent.


The POD Tents come in two hexagon-shaped sizes: Maxi (sleeps eight people) and Mini (sized for four). Each one can be connected to another tent using POD Tunnels with floors that stretch to over three feet long, so there’s a good amount of distance between tents. Both the tents and tunnels are high, too (8.8 feet for the Maxi, 7.2 feet for the Mini, and 6.2 feet for the tunnel), so folks can comfortably walk around without having to hunch down.


The tents use an eight-fingered central attachment system that makes them less-complicated to erect than traditional tents, allowing to people to get it set up in around 10 minutes.   Features include durable construction (210T ripstop polyester construction for outer, breathable polyester for inner, and polyethylene for the ground sheet), sidewall ventilation, and PVC windows.

Available now, pricing starts at £369 for the POD Mini, £450 for the POD Maxi, and £89 for the POD Tunnel.

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