Points Is The Digital Street Sign Of The Future

Hey, even your door locks are going digital, so why not your street signs, right?  That can soon be a reality with Points, a signage system that turns erstwhile street signs into high-tech information hubs.

Created by Breakfast NY, it looks like a regular street sign at first glance, complete with a post holding up directional signs that’s meant to sit at intersections around the city.  Instead of fixed signage, though, it uses digital displays that can change their message on queue, making it ideal for a whole host of applications.

Points consist of a tall metal post with a base, allowing it to be installed freestanding anywhere with a flat surface, and three directional signs on the top end.  Any of the three signs can rotate 360 degrees in either direction at the push of a button, so it can be adjusted to point wherever you need it to.  Built-in sensors allow the controlling software to know exactly where it’s pointed at as well, so it can do periodic checks if it’s actually facing the right direction.  Majority of the mechanical parts (90%) are milled from lightweight aluminum, which helps keep the entire thing lightweight for easier transport.

Each sign uses 16,000 LEDs for the display, with the ability to display text and graphical characters in varying sizes.  It comes with onboard controls, but can be alternatively operated over a wireless internet connection.  While these probably aren’t suitable for street corners today (those electronics will get picked apart), the features do make it ideal for signage use in outdoor festivals, brand events, and trade shows where a dynamic directional signage can come in handy.

Currently, Points is still on the prototype stage.  You can check the video below to see it in action.

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