Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Promises A “Polished Battling Experience”

Back in February, the Pokemon Co. announced they will be curating a classic TCG set that includes everything a trainer needs to play out of the box. Granted, it’s since come out that none of the decks included in the bundle are actually tournament-legal, so while you can play it among friends (no, your favorite Pokemon toys are not your friends), it’s mostly really just a collector’s item. At any rate, there’s no doubt in our minds that the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic will likely still sell out in no time when it goes on sale right before the holidays.

That’s right, the full details of the upcoming TCG Classic has finally been revealed and it’s quite the interesting set, giving you a full playable set in one go. In fact, the outfit calls it “a polished battling experience,” making it a fun set for new fans looking to learn the game and an attractive collectible for longtime Pokemon players.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic includes three pre-constructed decks with 60 cards each, each of which is built around a different Kanto Starter Pokemon, namely Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard (sorry, no Pikachu), all of whom are presented as shiny foil cards. The decks include classic cards from the original set, making this particularly fun for fans who missed out those early releases, as well as new cards like Lugia ex, Ho-Oh ex, Suicune ex, Sun Seed, Scorching Charcoal, and Drops in the Ocean. According to the outfit, there’s also a Mr. Mime card that was formerly a Japanese exclusive.

Aside from the decks, the set also includes a two-player game board with designated card placement zones, a case for all three decks, and a toolbox with all the accessories you need to play, from damage counters and condition markers to metal orbs that take the place of Pokemon coins. The whole thing comes in a black box that measures 28.5 x 13.6 x 3.15 inches (width x height x thickness).

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic comes out in November, priced at $400.

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