Polar Pillow To Cool The Hot Heads

Know how some pillows try to keep you warm so you can snuggle with them during cold weather?  Here’s the equivalent of that for the summer months: the Polar Pillow.

Instead of helping you sweat even more like a pig while reading supine in bed, the cushion will actually keep you cooler by conducting heat away from your head while you rest on it.   Even better, there’s no switch to flip, no battery to charge and no stuff to put in the fridge before using — it stays cool to the touch all by its lonesome.

The Polar Pillow uses endothermic gel to suck heat off your body and dissipate it to the air around the room.  A woven material with a special coating keeps the gel in check, holding it in and keeping it soft, while resisting the transfer of moisture between both sides.  Around 200 ounces of gel is included in each pillow, which makes it a lot heavier (to the tune of 5.7 kilos) than those expensive customized pillows you thought could get you through the rest of your days (until, you know, summer came around).

Only one side of the pillow will generate the cooling action, though, so make sure you have it facing you if you want to avoid waking in a pool of sweat.  The top blue side, which contains the gel, should be your lying surface of choice, with the white underside containing a plush pillow filling for stability.

Because of the gel, the Polar Pillow can only be hand-washed (absolutely no machine), so make sure to put a cover on there since the cooling effect will only stop your sweating not your drooling.  Price is $99.

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