These Polar Shorts Will Keep Your Legs Toasty Even In Winter Weather


Winter season isn’t the time to strut around in shorts (unless you’re a kid wearing these pull-on snow shorts), but there’s always that person who still insists on walking around in nothing but knee-high trousers. If that person happens to be you, then you’ll probably be interested in these Polar Shorts.

Described as “insulating shorts for cold and cool weather,” it’s designed to provide the casual comfort of short trousers while providing the necessary warmth to keep things toasty. Yes, everything below the knees are still subjected to the chilly breezes, but you’re the one insisting on wearing shorts outside in February, so enjoy.


The Polar Shorts are made from abrasion-resistant and wind-blocking polyester that’s combined with 9mm thick fleece to keep things warm underneath, while remaining breathable. It has large pockets both front (7 x 9 inches) and back (6 x 7 inches) that are designed to resist wind, minimizing the amount of chilly breeze that makes its way to your thighs and nether regions. Features include YKK nylon coil zippers, an included detachable nylon belt, and a gusseted crotch that delivers plenty of stretch.


Do note, they recommend using the shorts at temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees, although you can still use it on even colder days if you’re willing to brace yourself for the unpredictable results (by unpredictable, we mean, you’ll probably freeze to death or something). It comes in two designs: khaki and leopard, neither of which look particularly stylish, although there aren’t really a lot of options when it comes to cold weather short trousers, so you may as well embrace the look.

Available now, the Polar Shorts are priced at $75.

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