Polaris 9300xi Sport Cleans Every Corner Of Your Pool

Robots already clean your hardwood floors (Neato XV-11) and wash your bathroom floors (iRobot Scooba).  Might as well get them to do the  pool cleaning, too.  Enter the Polaris 9300xi Sport.

Designed for underwater operation, the automaton will spruce up every nook and cranny of your swimming pool on its own.  Just unleash it in the water and let it find its way — scaling pool walls, climbing stairs and trolling floors while thoroughly cleaning each of them using an aggressively-commissioned scrubbing brush with solid, non-pleated blades.

The Polaris 9300xu Sport looks more like a futuristic toy car than a cabana boy replacement with its oversized  Aqua-Trac wheels and Bugatti-inspired lines (for real, they based it on a Veyron).  It cleans pools up to 60 feet in length and collects over four times the debris load of other janitorial poolbots in the market.

Like all good cleaning robots, it offers a quick release control for the filter canister that will let you empty the collected debris without ever touching them.    Other features include programmable cleaning time, a 70-foot power cable, rear water propulsion (for hard to reach pool areas) and a handheld remote (in case you want to take over and have it do some spot cleaning).

Since the Polaris 9300xi Sport isn’t fixed to a single backyard basin, you can rent it out to the cheapskate neighbors who can afford a pool but won’t fork out for a robot cleaner, too.  It comes with a storage caddy made out of heavy-gauge powder-coated alloy to make transport safe.  Price is $1,499.

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