Polaris RZR RS-1 Trims Down The Side-By-Side Into A Lean Center-Cockpit Racer


With Can-Am stepping things up in the Sport UTV field with the Maverick X3, we all knew it was only a matter of time for Polaris to respond. And that response comes in the form of the new Polaris RZR RS-1, a side-by-side that the outfit is calling their most agile ever.

Of course, calling it a side-by-side isn’t exactly accurate. You see, instead of having side-by-side seating like traditional UTVs, the vehicle comes with just a single center seating,  making it feel even sportier and more race-oriented than your typical off-roader.


With the new seating position, the Polaris RZR RS-1 provides the driver with better visibility (you can see both tires from the center cockpit), increased balanced, and improved driving feel, all while creating extra room to enable greater arm and leg movements, making it easier to steer and operate the UTV even in the most hectic conditions. Because there’s only one seat, they were able to narrow it down to 64 inches, making for a UTV that’s more agile, maneuverable, and looks genuinely different from the norm. Combined with the compact 83-inch wheelbase, Polaris claims the vehicle bears the most balanced chassis they have ever created.

A four-stroke ProStar 1000 DOHC engine delivers an impressive 110 horsepower to the wheels, ensuring you can enjoy satisfying top speeds and acceleration, whether you’re driving through grassy fields, sandy deserts, or muddy trails. Cooling the engine down is a rear-mounted dual-fan radiator, while a new race-hardened drivetrain provides instantaneous power any time you need it. It adopts the same racing trailing-arm suspension of the RZR XP 1000 for the rear and dual A-arm suspension with stabilizer bar out front, allowing it to absorb all the bumps, shakes, and rattles the off-road path sends your way for the smoothest possible driving experience.


The Polaris RZR RS-1, naturally, comes outfitted with everything it needs to perform at a high level, from electronic power steering and on-demand all-wheel drive to 16-position adjustable shocks and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. A maximum ground clearance of 13 inches allows it to clear obstacles on the path in a capable manner, while 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires provide a strong grip on any terrain. Other features include a full range of instrumentation, bolstered bucket seats with sliders, LED head lights and tail lights, and cast aluminum wheels.


Unlike most traditional UTVs, this is intended to serve as a pure race machine, so they didn’t even bother throwing on a hitch. Basically, this is not the one you’ll plan on getting if you need something that can help with chores around the farm. It does, however, support payloads of up to 300 pounds, so you can drive with a bunch of gear in tow without any hassle. Granted, we don’t know where the gear is supposed to go in a ride as race-focused as this, but we bet folks will find a way all the same.

Available in two trims, White Lightning and Black Pearl, the Polaris RZR RS-1 will hit dealerships in February. Price starts at $13,999.

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