Polaroid Cube Has To Be The Cutest Rugged Action Cam Ever

Apparently, Polaroid entered the action cam market this year.  And their latest model, called the Polaroid Cube, could very well be the cutest action cam ever.  Seriously, it looks like a child’s toy camera, rather than a daredevil’s recording instrument of choice.

Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it isn’t rugged.  It’s shockproof and water-resistant (up to 2 meters) just like the leading action cams in the market, with an optional waterproof case for capturing your underwater adventures.  The outer shell is made from rubber, too, so drops won’t even nick the darn thing.

The Polaroid Cube comes with embedded magnets for easily attaching to any metal surface, along with three optional mounts – one for bike handlebars, another for tripods, and a suction cup for attaching to smooth, flat surfaces (whether it’s the nose of your Jetsurf motorized board, the back of your RC Towing Boat, or the hood of your Go-Kart).  It captures wide-angle 1080p video with a 124-degree coverage, along with support for simultaneously snapping 6-megapixel stills while the video records.  The Cube measures just 1.5 inches on all sides, so it’s incredibly compact, making it easy to carry two or more of these on a jacket pocket or a backpack pouch.

There’s no onboard storage, but you can quickly insert a microSD card up to 32GB, swapping new ones in and out every time you fill one up with videos of you falling on a mountain bike flat on your face.  Battery is a bit of a downer, with only a 90-minute recording time for a full charge, so you might want to bring external batteries to fill up during an afternoon of filming.

Best part?  The Polaroid Cube only costs $100, with the mounts costing between $10 and $40, so it’s very light on the wallet.  It’s on preorder now, with shipping slated for September 20.

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