This Shot Glass Lets You Mount An Action Cam For Recording Your Drinking Sessions


Like all action cams, the Polaroid Cube is best used for shooting action footage, whether you’re mountain biking on a trail, jumping out of a plane, or riding an ATV through swampy grounds. But what if you spend most of your days downing shots at a bar, instead of being an adrenaline junkie? Well, you can shoot that, too, and even give your footage extra angles using this Shot Glass Mount for the Polaroid Cube.

A shot glass, it has a camera mount at the bottom that’s sized to accommodate Polaroid’s Cube action cam. That way, you can document every single drink you down, from the moment it’s poured out of the bottle to the time you chug it into your mouth.


The Polaroid Shot Glass Mount has a square-shaped facility at the base where you can set up a Cube camera with the lens facing up. We’re not entirely sure about the quality of imagery you can capture (especially with the bottom of the glass as obstruction), but it definitely adds an interesting twist to your action cam repertoire. Plus, we’re guessing it’s a better solution than duct-taping a camera to a shot glass during those days you decide to get creative while finishing up a bottle of Tequila at the beach.


Oh yeah, the camera can also be mounted with the lens facing down, in case you’d like to record people’s reactions while you chug that 500,000 Scoville chili vodka. Yeah, I’d probably cringe at the sight of that.

Available now, the Polaroid Shot Glass Mount is priced at $14.99.

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