Polaroid Snap Revives Instant Print Photography With A Minimalist Point-And-Shoot


Polaroid cameras became iconic not because they were stellar photographic equipment. Instead, they were beloved because they were insanely convenient and fun. We’re hoping the same holds true for the Polaroid Snap, a pocket-sized digital camera designed to deliver instant prints.

Combining the nostalgia of the Polaroid experience with modern technology, it combines a point-and-shoot and a ZINK printer in a single, compact enclosure with aesthetics that resemble the Polaroid Cube. The whole thing measures about the size of a smartphone with a thick case on, ensuring it should easily slide into your pants’ front pocket.


The Polaroid Snap is a simple, minimalist camera with a clean rectangular enclosure that houses a 10 megapixel sensor. How minimalist? Well, the camera has no LCD, it doesn’t pair with smartphones, and it doesn’t share snaps to social networks, essentially cutting out a lot of the new features you tend to find in modern point-and-shoots. Instead of an LCD in the rear, you use an old-school viewfinder that pops up from the top edge, with the ink-free printer occupying the backside. With the lack of an LCD, it scales back on image settings, limiting user selection to just the filter (three options) and border type (two options). Any picture taken using the camera are saved to a microSD card (you can slot in one up to 32GB), as well as printed in 2×3-inch full-color prints at the push of a button. Features include a timer for taking selfies and a photo booth mode for taking six quick snaps in 10 seconds.


Slated for availability in the fourth quarter, the Polaroid Snap is priced at $99.

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