Polaroll Reimagines The Classic Polaroid As A Toilet Paper Holder

No, you do not want a camera in the bathroom. Fortunately, the Polaroll isn’t really a camera. Instead, this Polaroid-looking contraption is just a toilet paper holder, which dispenses your favorite brand of two-ply wipers the same way the retro camera used to spit out its instant photographs.

Made by Doiy Design, it works much like any toilet paper holder, so you won’t really enjoy any extra benefits. However, if you’d like to add a little novelty to an erstwhile boring bathroom, this thing should make a nice option for photographers and 80s retro junkies alike, all while potentially making guests think twice whether they’re actually being filmed while they get about their business.

The Polaroll is a pretty close reproduction of the instant cameras of old, so it looks like a legit Polaroid (at the least, a close knockoff) that can take a quick snap while you’re wearing your pants down. It mounts on walls using screws like any regular rack for toilet paper rolls, although you’ll have to shake any toilet paper retrieved several times before wiping down to ensure maximum hold. No, really, it’s a feature, not a bug.

Each one comes with a roll of special toilet paper with Polaroid-style photographs on it, too, so the entire thing feels absolutely legit. And, yes, they sell refills of those picture rolls, so you can turn toilet-time into a permanently 80s experience.

Available now, the Polaroll is priced at $19.99.

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