Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag Looks Warm And Cozy

Blankets with sleeves — you made fun of them, gave them a shot, fell in love and never looked back.  And you and your Snuggie (or Slanket or whatever other brand you’re using) lived happily ever after.  The Poler Napsack takes the wearable bedding a step further, letting you walk around while wearing a full sleeping bag.

While cozy has never been your style when rocking the rugged outdoors, that’s exactly what this thing gets you.  Closed up, it’s a perfectly functional sleeping bag, covering you with padded warmth from  head to toe.  With zippered shoulder openings and a cinch at the bottom, it’s easy to get free control of your limbs, too, just like your favorite sleeved blanket.

The Poler Napsack is a hooded, wearable sleeping bag with a soft microfiber body and leather tabs by the hood.  It has pockets on the side for use like a jacket, as well as a chest pocket with earphone holes, so you can tune in to Pandora on your smartphone while cozily lazing about.

Durable enough for outdoor use, you can use it both as a functional sleeping bag inside the tent camper and as a puffy coat while sitting around the campfire.  Rated to approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not too warm for use at home, either.  Wear this around the house instead of cranking the thermostat to high and save some money on your heating costs.

Does the wearable blanket finally look pretty?  Hell, no.  But the  Poler Napsack does look a tad more stylish than your typical wear-on blanket.  It’s available now, priced at $130.