This Shelf Will Look Like A Brick Wall Turned Sideways When Filled With Books


It’s not the most efficient book shelf. I mean, most units its size should accommodate way more books than it does. If you want your book shelves to lend your home a unique aesthetic, however, then the Pols Potten Bricks Standing Book Shelf is definitely going to be worth a look.

Designed to mimic the appearance of a brick wall (albeit with a vertical orientation), the shelf holds each column of books in alternating heights, creating a unique visual appearance that should lend a special character to any space. Since it’s freestanding, you can both push it against the wall or use it as a divider, making it highly-functional for use in both living rooms and bedrooms alike.


The Pols Potten Bricks Standing Book Shelf has a wireframe structure that allows you to freely see through to the other side. You can block off the view by filing every slot on the shelf with a book, as well as create partial viewing areas by placing your books at strategic slots. You can, for instance, fill up the entire bottom half and leave the upper half clear, as well as only use every other column or every other row for alternative setups. Each one comes with a total of 49 individual shelves that can hold one book each, with the whole thing cut in powder-coated iron, so this should be reasonably sturdy.

Available now, the Pols Potten Bricks Standing Book Shelf is priced at €1,500.

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