Polygon: This Strip Can Be Folded Into Four Sizes Of Measuring Spoons


At first glance, the Polygon looks nothing more than a small ruler – you know, the kind that’s more useful in a workshop than inside a kitchen. Except, it’s not actually a ruler but an origami-like contraption that can be folded to yield different sizes of measuring spoons.

When collapsed, it consists of just a flat strip of plastic that can be stored flat in a kitchen drawer, making it considerably more convenient to store. With cleverly-designed hinges integrated along its surface, however, it can easily transform into various sizes of measuring spoons for accurately portioning herbs, spices, and other ingredients.


The Polygon comes in two sizes: tablespoon and teaspoon.  Each one comes with four bowl sizes (one, one-half, three-fourths, and one-fourth) to eliminate the guesswork out of recipe portions, with a convenient bowl design that should handle powdered, liquid, and viscous ingredients with equal aplomb. Do note, the spoons do not retain their folded shape once you let go (the photos where they sit on a table in spoon form are for show), although you can probably use a paper clip to hold them in place if you don’t want to keep folding every single time.


Construction is polypropylene for the spoons, although the hinges are cut in TPR plastic, which can flex up to 100,000 times without failing. According to the outfit, they’re also working on a cup version of the folding design, so it shouldn’t be long before your whole kitchen’s measuring ensemble is nothing more than a flat pile of plastic strips.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Polygon. Pledges to reserve a pair start at $12.

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