Giving Your Wife This Poo Emoji Dress Will Either Make Her Laugh Or Permanently Leave You


Few emojis can effect instant entertainment than the classic poo emoji. Betabrand, that bastion of beautifully geeky fashion (who gave us such classics as the Dress Pant Sweatpants and the Suitsy), has done a steaming hot job of using it in different fashion pieces. Their latest creation, however, definitely takes the cake: a Poo Emoji Dress.

Apparently not content with dressing men up in illustrated poop, they’re now letting the ladies get their own crack at wearing the popular emoji with pride. It’s quite the beautiful casual dress, too, the kind you wouldn’t mind wearing for brunch (funny because your companions will have to look at poo while they eat), an afternoon out in the big city with the girl posse, or even when attending Sunday mass with grandma.


From afar, the Poo Emoji Dress simply looks like a prim and proper garment, with its semi-fitted silhouette, button-front top, and slight A-line skirt that ends just above the knees. It’s very subtle, which makes seeing the dress up close even more interesting, with its geometric patterns made up of seemingly endless amounts of triangle-shaped piles of brown matter that, somehow, happen to be cute. Aside from the illustrated dung pattern, it comes with an elastic waist, two hand pockets below it, two chest pockets, and textured faux-shell buttons.


Twenty years ago, if you told people that someday, women will wear beautiful dresses covered in grinning piles of turd, people would have nominated you for the loony bin. However, the future truly is a wonderful place and that time has come. You can get the Poo Emoji Dress straight from Betabrand, priced at $106.20.


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