Pool Lights That Dive: The Pool Luminary

Hate swimming in the dark? Me too. You never know what lurks underneath the warm water of that swimming pool. For all you know, there could be a giant shark there. Or a mega-octopus. Or mermaid zombies.

The Pool Luminary won’t protect you from sea creatures who manage to mysteriously find themselves in your swimming pool, but they will give you a scintillating light show to banish those worries in your head. Because, let’s face it, you have to be half-insane to even think there are mermaid zombies in your outdoor pool. Everyone knows mermaids don’t exist. Duh.

Floating pool lights don’t get you excited? Don’t worry, the submersible device can dive right in the water too, so you can watch its bevy of dazzling lights even while you’re drowning in the bottom. Plus, it’s got multi-colored flashing LEDs – just like having disco lights in the middle of the water.

Designed to spice up your poolside parties, the 7-inch Pool Luminary features two sets of lights – seven on top and three on the bottom. Sitting between the two LED-fitted ends is a motorized cylinder that activates to propel the rig down the surface for ten seconds (the time is fixed), before turning off for 75 seconds to allow it to rise back up again. Throw several of these in your pool during a party and give your guests an amusing light show that should help them forget about their fears of giant sharks and mega-octopuses.  At least, for a short while.

It features a faceted housing (to enhance both the spread and spectrum of the light output), durable construction and promises not to electrocute any guests who jump in the pool. You can program it to only float too, in case your pool is actually just a bathtub inside the cramped bathroom of a dingy apartment. See, your mom told you there’s no money in blogging, but did you listen? Sheesh.

The Pool Luminary requires three AAA batteries and is available for $29.95.