Pooleaf Pen Doubles As Decorative Indoor Plant

Having a small plant in your workspace definitely livens things up, but you need that desk space for all your office supplies and the mass of cheap small toys you collect.  Plus, you’re not really all that interested in caring for a living thing while withering away in your life-sucking job — the concept is just too ironic to process.  These Pooleaf Pens should serve as a much more sensible alternative.

Created by Korea’s Zeup Design Studio, they’re erstwhile regular ballpoint pens with bodyies shaped and styled to look like leaves of grass.  The idea is to put a bunch of them in a single pencil cup and make the whole thing look like a potted plant of sorts for ornamenting your workspace.

The Pooleaf Pen measures 10 mm in diameter and 278 mm long, so it makes for a sizeable decoration to adorn your crowded desktop.  It uses silicone rubber for the body, allowing it to sway gently like real grass, along with a 0.5mm ballpoint. The pen end is sized similar to regular pens, so it should fit into pencil slots on organizers, too.  Body comes in three colors: forest green, spring green and yellow green.  Combine different colors into a single pencil cup and the thing looks like a genuine patch of leafy growth with stalks that change hue as time passes.  Except they’ll live way longer, of course, even long after their ink runs dry.

The catch?  Each Pooleaf Pen is sold individually for $5 each, so getting a bunch that bundles into a proper potted plant should eat up a bit of your office supplies budget.  It’s available from Connect Design.

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