This 100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Chart Is The Poster Print Every Home Theater Needs


We’re big fans of Pop Chart Lab’s beautiful and informative poster diagrams, which condenses a load of information into a single colorful poster design. If you’re a film buff, you’ll definitely want their newest creation: the Pop Chart Lab 100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Chart.

That’s right, it’s a scratch-off chart compiling 100 movies considered as compulsory viewing for any film buff, from Citizen Kane and Taxi Driver to Apocalypse Now and 12 Years a Slave. Whether you want a decorative poster for your home theater, something to hang in the living room to announce your love for movies, or a handy guide for your movie night viewing list, this beautifully put together poster should really do the trick.


The Pop Chart Lab 100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Chart is printed with a 10 x 10 grid of rectangular panels, each one sporting a silver foil that you can scratch off to reveal a mini-poster underneath. The mini-poster, of course, represents a memorable scene from the movie, making this a really interesting print for movie buffs of all ages. The silver foil, by the way, comes with a partial print of the mini-poster underneath, so it’s not just a bunch of blank panels before you scratch each item off. That way, the poster looks good enough to display even if you haven’t watched a single movie on the list, so you can hang it while working your way through cinematic history one movie at a time.

Each image on the poster is hand-drawn, by the way, giving it quite a special aesthetic that’s a nice break from the sleek and overproduced illustrations we frequently see today. No word, however, on the artist behind the illustrations, so we’re going to guess it’s a bunch of people collaborating to get the poster done.


The Pop Chart Lab 100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Chart measures 18 x 24 inches (width x height), so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a frame to accommodate it. They also offer to ship it framed already, although it comes without the acrylic cover out front, since it will probably be a hassle having to remove it from the frame every time you need to scratch an item off. We know, that means the print is likely to get dirty over time, so you’ll have to make some compromises either way.


While it’s always difficult to come to a consensus when it comes to defining the most essential movies, the movies contained in the list will probably leave a good chunk of people satisfied. It’s quite exhaustive, by the way, starting out with silent legends like 1916’s Intolerance and Charlie Chaplin’s The General, as well as early classics like King Kong and The Wizard of Oz in Technicolor. Singing in the Rain, Psycho, and The Empire Strikes Back also get their place in the list, along with enduring favorites like ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Modern hits like Fargo and Boogie Nights also get a spot before concluding with Mad Max: Fury Road and the sleeper horror hit, Get Out.

Available now, the Pop Chart Lab 100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Chart is priced at $35.

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