Pop-Up Grill Brings Ultra-Portable Function

When you’re camping, the more folding gear you can bring, the better.  From your jacket that folds down into the size of socks to your Pack-Away Kettle, they make packing a load of stuff just a whole lot easier.  If you’re going to bring a portable cooker along, you may want to consider this Pop-Up Grill.

Designed by Jonas Rylander, it’s a compact grill that collapses into three separate parts when not in use.  The other two parts fit handily inside the round flat top part of the grill, which you can then squeeze into the included bag for easily carrying around.

For use as a regular charcoal grill, simply attach the three sections of the Pop-Up Grill, mount the legs onto each of the corresponding brackets, fill up the bottom part with charcoal, and lay the grid on top.  Stand it on a table, on the ground or the back of your pickup, then get cooking as you do on a regular grill.  It features Teflon coating to withstand high burning temperatures, as well as a detachable handle, so you can move the entire grill without burning your hands.

Aside from cooking with charcoal, you can also use the top grill on its own by setting it up over a campfire.  That way, you can use it to heat water, boil coffee or fry that fish you caught in the lake, along with any other stovetop-cooked meals.

The Pop-Up Grill, which received a Red Dot Design Award back in 2012, is available from select stores in Sweden and Germany.  Price is €35.

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