Poppin QT Privacy Chair Puts Three High Walls Around You To Block Distractions


We like to think of the Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair as a reverse cubicle. You know, one where the walls are on your chair instead of the desk, which we think is much more conducive to giving people privacy since your monitors are all facing inwards instead of out into the world.

A chair with three high walls, the darn thing keeps you out of sight from the world at large, making it the perfect furniture to block distractions and encourage uninterrupted focus. Except, it can’t do anything about your internet habits, so all the digital distractions of the world at large are still available once you switch on your laptop and launch your favorite browser.


The Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair has a solid wood frame, with the walls filled with layers of foam and fiber to give it a soft and springy fill, while helping to absorb some of the outside noise attempting to enter your bubble. There’s no word on how much noise this can actually block, but similar setups we’ve seen do tend to dampen a big chunk of ambient sounds. Unless you have a really tall upper body, this thing is designed to completely obscure you from sight while sitting inside, too, so co-workers won’t even know who’s in the chair unless they rudely take a peek inside. Yes, emphasis on “rude.”

Of course, it’s still just a chair, so you’ll still need to find a matching desk to pair it with if you’re going using this for work. Unless, of course, you’re fine with using a lapdesk, which, let’s be honest, seems to be its perfect match, since you curl up inside and disappear from the rest of the world. Just throw an ottoman on the front, as well, so you can put your feet up while answering emails, typing a report, or wasting your time on Facebook.


The Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair comes with a back pillow that covers the entire width of the chair, so you can lean back and get in an upright posture while you’re typing down on the keyboard. It’s upholstered in woven polyester that’s finished in one of seven colors: gray, dark gray, brick, dark blue, teal, leaf green, and blush, with the exposed ash wood panels color-stained in matching hues. The styling is very modern and perfectly-suited for campus-style office setups.


Dimensions are 38 x 31 x 50 inches, so this is quite a big piece of furniture. Do note, it ships flat-packed two boxes: one holding the seat, the back pillow, and the chair base; and another housing the walls. That means, this will require some assembly, although the outfit claims you should be able to do it in seconds without tools. Seriously, they said “seconds,” although we have a feeling that’s just an oversight on the product page. Unless, you know, this thing magically assembles itself as soon as you open the boxes. Hey, I’ve seen it in the movies.

Available now, the Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair is priced at $1,299.

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