Chairs Rarely Get More Fun Than Porky Hefer’s Monstera Deliciosa


While they often make for functional and comfortable seating, hanging chairs are usually all about fun. I mean, why else would you go through the trouble of suspending a chair from a roof beam, after all? The Monstera Deliciosa series seems to get the fun part right, turning up a set of hanging chairs designed to look like water animals with their mouths wide open.

Created by South African designer Porky Hefer, the amazing-looking chairs use the animals’ gaping mouths as seating pods, making it look like they’re eating you whole while you rest your weary legs inside. Like all hanging chairs, you can swing this towards any direction, so you can look like you’re fighting the beast, refusing to consent to its desire of devouring you the same way you feasted on those kabobs last night. Or something like that.


The Monstera Deliciosa series consists of six designs: a killer whale, a puffer fish, a manta ray, a crocodile, an anglerfish, and a pelican. Each one uses the same general concept, with the lower mouth serving as a seat and the rest of the mouth acting as a pod for blocking out external distractions. The chairs are hung using a spliced length of rope, ensuring it will deliver the necessary strength to support the weight of anyone who decide to slide in and catch a breather. Hefer enlisted South African craftsmen to build the chairs, using traditional methods for weaving, stitching, and splicing the different materials.


Check out the feature below to learn more about Monstera Deliciosa.

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