Porsche Tabletop Clock

You love cars so much, you count cars passing by in your head to get sleepy.  And when you sleep, you dream of nothing but cars, too, like Lamborghinis drowning in the bathtub, Ferraris running naked in public, and Porsches flying over mountainous landscapes.  If this describes your nightly experiences, then we can’t imagine a more appropriate bedside companion than this Porsche Tabletop Clock.

Clad in the likeness of a speedometer straight out of a Porsche 911, both the case and dial look like they’ll be perfectly at home with the rest of the instruments in the sports car’s dash.  Well, other than the fact that the analog face displays the numbers on a clock, of course, letting you check the time at a glance way faster than you could with your favorite Tokyoflash piece.

Not a fan of analog watch faces?  Not a problem, as the Porsche Tabletop Clock comes with a digital display right under the center of the dial, showing the time and date in plain digits.  It comes with the typical bedside clock features, including a second time zone, alarms, and timer functions.  I was told the alarm audio recreates the engine of the Porsche 911, although that’s conspicuously absent from the description on the product page.  I do hope that’s exactly the case, though — a Porsche alarm clock with beep-beep sounds is just insanity levels of wrong tantamount to putting Hello Kitty graphics on a brand new Porsche.  It’s just not right.

The Porsche Tabletop Clock is available now, priced at $240.

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