Portable All In One Chair Is A Tote Bag, Magazine Pouch And A Beer Cooler


Can’t find a quiet spot in the house to sit back, read a magazine and drink a couple beers?  Hit the local park with the All-In-1 Chair and find some peace.  The multi-function seating equipment integrates a folding chair with cup holders, a wheeled tote bag, a cooler, a side pocket for magazines and a storage compartment in a single stash.  Yep, all that.

A versatile gear for folks who like spending lazy afternoons being.. uhm… lazy, it’s got everything you need to enjoy the urban outdoors all by your lonesome.  Load it up with beer and ice, stick a few reading materials in, haul it down to the beachside and park your ass down.  Good cheers.

The All-In-1 Chair is a sling-style folding chair made from 600 Denier polyester with a steel frame,  two armrests and integrated cup holders.  With reinforced stitching at stress points and durable piping around the edges, it sounds like it can hold up some weight.  It comes with two hard plastic wheels on the back for transporting, with chair locks so it doesn’t fall out of place.

Zippered seating area leads to a compartment at the bottom, which you can use as a cooler (just add the waterproof liner) to hold 30 lbs of beer and ice.  A slip pocket on the side of the chair lets you stick in your magazines for a little erudition while lounging under the shade.

Whether you’re scouring the backyard for a place to clear your mind or walking on the sand to find a cool spot on the beach, the All-In-1 Chair should have you covered.  Just make sure you stick those bottles in real nice, lest get poked when you take your seat.  Awww.  It’s available for $59.95.

[Solutions via 7 Gadgets]