Mobile Trouser Press Lets You Iron Clothes On The Go

Looking dapper and sharp takes a lot of preparation — picking the right clothes (nope, that Flask Tie won’t work), making sure they’re pressed tight, and all that hard work.  Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to do what’s needed.  That’s when this Mobile Trouser Press can help.

While it won’t quite let you straighten up an entire shirt, it does allow you fix up small wrinkles, straighten visible folds, and put really sharp creases on your pants any time you deem them necessary.  That way, you can set yourself correct right before a big interview, an important meeting or a super hot date, even after a long, hard day.

The Mobile Trouser Press is a pocket-sized device that’s designed to sandwich a garment between a pair of heated surfaces.  Because of the small size (it only measures 60 x 100 mm), you’re limited in what parts of clothing you can straighten with it, but important items like creases, collars, cuffs and folds should be well within its means.  Basically, any area by the edges of your clothing should be fair game.  It also comes with a clip for holding those creases in place while you iron.

The double-sided heat press can warm up to about 95 degrees in around 3 minutes when turned on, so you can probably use it to reheat the bacon you packed for lunch, though we have a feeling that’s a horrible idea.  It powers via three AA batteries, as well as through USB so you can tidy up even while you sit in your office cubicle.

As of now, the Mobile Trouser Iron appears to be available only in Japan, priced at ¥980.

[via eSupply – In Japanese]