Portable Leather Cocktail Bag For Bartenders On The Go


Ugh.  Beer again?  Don’t you wish your friends can grow up a little and start serving stiff cocktails during your Friday night poker sessions?  Screw reasoning with those clowns and start traveling with the Portable Leather Cocktail Bag, a veritable bartender kit that lets you have cocktails on-the-go.

A satchel for boozehounds, it’s the perfect companion for everyone who likes to party with a martini in hand, wherever they end up.  Pre-filled with a stainless steel cocktail shaker and four 10-ounce polycarbonate glasses, along with enough space for your liquor bottles, you’ll be ready to play barkeep at the drop of a hat.

Clad in chocolate brown leather, the Portable Cocktail Bag is decked with hand-fitted brass studs and retro-style brass trimmings.  At 10 x 4 x 14 inch dimensions, it offers enough space to carry several full liter bottles in the compartmentalized interior, with assigned areas for the shaker, glasses and the booze.  There’s also three outside pockets for any small items (garnishes, hot sauce, directions to your house) you will need to carry.  A webbed carrying strap, with an adjustable leather padding, rounds out the stylish cocktail gear.

Need a Gin Fizz (with blinking ice cubes) after the third hole on the golf course?  No problem.  Fancy a flaming rum mix while waiting for you appointment at the doctors’ office?  Fix yourself one on the spot.  Of course, there’s no place for ice on the bag, so you’ll have to stock up the shaker with crushed ice before leaving the house.  Other than that, you’re all set.

Ready to party all the time, the Portable Leather Cocktail Bag is available now for $299.  Sounds expensive?  Psssh.  Fix yourself a drink and come back later – it’s going to sound affordable after a few stiff ones.

Thanks Front Gate