This Portable Pizza Pouch Hangs A Delicious Slice Around Your Neck


Sure, you can place a couple slices of pizza in a reusable brown bag and keep it with you for munching on at any point during the day. But why do that when you can put your pizza in a container that hangs around your neck like a badge of honor? There’s no such thing, you say? Kids, meet the Portable Pizza Pouch.

Made by the folks at Superidiotic, it’s a pouch sized to hold a small slice of pizza attached to a lanyard, so you can walk around the town and let the world know you’re duly-equipped to deal with a sudden hankering for a cheesy and greasy pie. Granted, it’s a little small, so you’re restricted in what kind of slices you can place inside (definitely no New York style or Chicago pan pizza for you). But, hey, a small slice from Domino’s is always better than no pizza at all.


The Portable Pizza Pouch is a plastic bag with a zip-lock closure that should keep your stash of pie reasonably fresh while it hangs around your neck throughout the course of the day. Does it look silly? Absolutely. Will people make jokes about you? Probably. Which may sound bad, but since it’s already happening anyway, might as well wear four of these, so you can keep yourself satisfied every time the urge to stuff a barrage of meat and carbs in your mouth comes up. Plus, it lets you carry pizza on your body without making a mess, so how bad can it be?

Available now, the Portable Pizza Pouch is priced at $8.

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