Don’t Let Your Bladder Get In The Way Of Golf Game With UroClub


We can’t decide whether the UroClub is cool or retarded.  We’ll let you be the judge of that.  One thing I do know for sure: it’s one bundle of clever, paired up with a heaping of gross.

If you hit the greens often and have a hyperactive bladder, you’ve probably encountered a very frequent problem – realizing you need to pee while right in the middle of a game.  Sure, you can control it for a shot, maybe two.  The more you hold it back, though, the worse your swing probably gets, eventually prolonging your suffering.

The UroClub seeks to remedy that problem by offering a sneaky way to relieve yourself without leaving your spot.  That’s right, it’s a fake club that integrates a urinal right on the grip.  Simply ask a friend to stand in front of you (or use the included privacy shield – a towel), pull down your zipper, open the screw-top lid and sneak one out.  Aaaaah…sweet relief.




Designed to sit right in your golf bag, the portable john is clad in the form of a seven iron with a triple-sealed (thank God) hollow grip.  It wasn’t intended to be used for actual play, so don’t bother trying (and risking an unsavory accident).  According to its creator (a board-certified urologist from Florida), the container can take over half a liter of liquid, enough to get you through at least two sessions (maybe more, if you only eke out a trickle).

What happens if you drank a little too much soda and need to squeeze more out?  We suggest just hitting the nearest bathroom.  If you’re so inclined, you can probably carry three of the $24.95 UroClubs too.  Of course, you’ll look very suspicious with four seven irons in tow, but that’s how you roll.  Check out the very funny commercial below (note: price is still more expensive on the advertisement – it’s much cheaper now).