Porthole Bath Makes Your Tub Look Like A Submarine


In simple words, yes its a cool design. Still I can’t help but wonder who this bath tub is really going to appeal to? Husbands who are curious how it looks under the water  when their wife is lounging in the tub?  Well, wonder no more with the Porthole Bath, a bathtub with two windows cut into the side.  Yep, just like your very own window to a whole new world.  Tee-hee.

Sporting submarine-style portholes on the side, the fun can go both ways.  You can check out how the wife looks like amidst a sea of bathwater and suds, while she can dip her head down and watch you peeping.  Hey, bored domestic couples need to have their fun, too.

Porthole Bath is a French-style, double-ended Cleo bath that combines classy with Peeping Tom for moderately naughty results.  The feet-supported tub is originally built without windows, with the portholes retrofitted only after its built.  Would have been more fun if you can open the windows and stick your hands inside, though, wouldn’t it?

According to Water Monopoly, the tub should play beautifully as a bathtub submarine in a nautical-themed bathroom.  You can be the Captain, of course, steering the submersible into the deepest oceans.  Of course, you can also be the random sea creature spying at what’s inside.  Especially if you look like a lumpy whale when naked.

Want one?  It will cost you.  The Porthole Bath is available for £3,250, which is kinda steep. I suggest just stalking nautical junk yards for discarded submarines.   You might luck out.

[Water Monopoly via Crunch Gear]