Portland Press Turns The Mason Jar Into A Coffee Maker

You already drink your morning coffee off a Mason jar for whatever reason, might as well make your coffee on it, too.  That’s right, you can turn the iconic molded glass jar into your new favorite coffee maker with the Portland Press.

No, we’re not talking about settling for instant coffee to satiate your caffeine fix.   Designed by Bucket, this is a functional albeit small French press designed to be used with the humble Mason jar, effectively turning it into a classy coffee-making equipment that even coffee snobs like you can appreciate.

The Portland Press is a kit consisting of a 24-oz. Mason jar (holds a pint and a half), a greay felted wool coozie (to add insulation to the jar), a wooden lid and handle (with an opening where you can pour out coffee), and interior parts made with steel.  That’s right, no cheap plastics and delicate glass, so everything should last you a long time.  Only the Mason jar is breakable and, as you probably know, that’s cheap and easy to replace, so this set should tide you over for a while.  If you want, you can also spring for a pair of smaller wool coozies sized to fit those standard 12-oz. Mason jars, so you can cover them up while sipping on your steaming hot morning beverage.

Made right in Oregon, the Portland Press is currently soliciting backers on Crowdsupply.  You can reserve yourself a full kit (minus the cup-sized coozies), starting at $99.

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