Pose Camera Case Doubles As A Wraparound Mount

Sometimes, you just need a mount for your camera.  Problem is, the whole reason you usually bring a point-and-shoot for your day trips is you have no place in your pockets for any extra gear.  Here’s a clever solution you’ll probably find most welcome: the Pose Camera Case.

Invented by YC Chan with the help of multiple users from Quirky, the creation is a dual-purpose accessory that serves both as a case and a mount.  That means, you get a perfectly functional tripod substitute, all while carrying nothing but a perfectly pocketable protective case for your digital camera.

The Pose Camera Case is a zip-up pouch made of neoprene, decked in a textured and patterned rubber material on the exterior for extra protection against bumps.  It’s weather-resistant, too, so you need not worry about getting the digicam damaged in your pocket when it suddenly rains (just don’t swim in it or something).

When fully unzipped, the case can be laid down on a flat surface (like a table) or wrapped around curved objects (like tree branches, steering wheel, a chair post) for use as a stand.  We’re not sure how it manages a tight grip on curved surfaces, but the hold looks similar to those Gorillapods you’ve probably seen around.  In the center of the inner part is a quick-release slot  where you can mount the camera for hands-free shooting (so you can film yourself being eaten by crocodiles at the zoo or something).

Like other Quirky products, the Pose Camera Case is waiting for enough pre-orders before it goes into production.  Price for reserving one is $23.99.