Poster Projects Puts Dangerous (And Fun) DIY Projects In Full-Color Wall Prints


Want to build your own flamethrower but keep forgetting the steps?  Supplement your bad memory with this large wall display from Poster Projects, which lists down everything you need to put together your very own torching device, among other dangerous contraptions.

Apart from providing a cheatsheet for your DIY inclinations, the poster look svery professional too.  As such, it should make for a very attractive decoration along empty walls in your workshop, lab or garage.


Poster Projects just launched, so they only have two designs available for now.  The first is the aforementioned “How to Build a Flamethrower,” which details how to put together your own fire-breathing machine.  The other is “How to Build a Potato Cannon,” a poster guide for assembling your own weaponized spud projectiles.

According to creator Bill Gurstelle, the projects are lifted from his DIY books and are reprinted largely for decorative purposes.  In fact, you will likely be drawn to them for their uniqueness, rather than actual instructional value.   Unless you’re running an illegal flamethrower factory, that is; if you are, these guides should prove handy for your child laborers to follow.

Poster Projects’ full-color prints are available for around $10 apiece.  A couple more designs are also due for release soon.

[Poster Projects via PopSci]